10 Reasons You Should Date
a Motorcycle Riding Woman

Don’t you think women look cool on a motorcycle? Much like men, girls look instantly cooler when riding a bike, regardless of the bike in question.

For this reason, men love dating female motorcyclists. And this goes for men who ride as well as those that don’t.


Dating a biker woman is fun and exciting, but even more so if you’re a rider yourself. Apart from fun, these women bring much more to the table.


Take a few minutes to discover the 10 reasons why you should date a woman who rides. We’re sure that this list of reasons will inspire you to look for one to match your riding passion.

Why You Should Date a Woman Who Rides a Motorcycle

Healthy for You

Riding with a passenger is alright until you have to do it every day. When you date a female rider, she has her own bike, taking the weight off your back.


This way, you’re both enjoying the adventure, but without you having to take all the load.

They are Tough

There’s no doubt about female riders being tough. Simply put, it takes some backbone and bravery since you’re putting yourself in potential danger.


Plus, these girls know how to handle different situations and even take the pain in case they fall. It’s unlikely you’ll see a woman rider cry.

illustration of a woman wearing motorcycle outfit

They Love Leather

Much like male riders, girls who are into motorcycles are also into leather clothing. You’ll meet women in leather pants and jackets regardless of the time of day.


Biker girls love leather, and they’re not ashamed to wear it all the time.

Inexpensive Date

These girls are pretty down to earth, enjoying beer and hot dogs at the races. They usually don’t require expensive dinners and fancy drinks.


Surely, a fancy lunch is nice at times, but it’s not a standard that you’d have to aspire to.

Reach Scenic Routes

Who doesn’t want a partner that loves reaching scenic routes? If it’s something you’d like, you should definitely consider dating a woman who has her own bike.


They’re down for the ride, making it much more enjoyable than if you’d be out there alone.

Adventurous and Risk Takers

These women are fun and exciting. They ride big bikes and aren’t afraid of going fast. However, that’s not all they enjoy.


Most of these girls love adventure even when no bikes are involved. So, she would probably follow you bungee jumping and doing other somewhat dangerous stuff.

illustration of woman skydiver

Travel Light

Female riders are used to packing only what can fit into a tank bag. It’s unlikely you’ll see a girl carrying three or four bags on her bike.


They pack stuff like hygiene essentials, mascara, shoes, and an extra pair of shorts or a dress.

Man and Woman On Chopper Bike Illustration

They’re Supportive

These girls are tough, but that doesn’t mean they’re not loving and supporting. 


A girl who rides will support you in buying new motorcycles and equipment. You probably know at least one man who wants a bike, but his wife won’t let him have on. Well, this won’t ever be you if you date a woman who rides.

Your Mom Will Love Them

Every mom wants her son to date a strong woman. So, your mom will overlook pretty much everything else when she learns that your girl rides a motorcycle.


Moms are hard to please, but a woman who rides has a bigger chance of winning the battle against a woman who doesn’t.

Your Ex Will Be Insecure

While men will look at your girl in awe, she may get the same reaction from women. If you ever wanted to make your ex jealous or insecure, show up with your rider girlfriend.


As we said, female bikers are tough and cool. This is pretty hard for other women to compete with.

She Can Carry Her Own Belongings

As we said, female bikers rarely need assistance when it comes to carrying bags. They pack light and don’t usually carry much stuff anyway. Even when they do, they usually handle it all well on their own.


However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be a gentleman and offer to carry her bags.

Other Things That Makes a Motorcyclist Girl More Lovable

Female riders are independent and reliable. She’ll always be there for you and will understand you. On top of that, she’s always ready to depart or takes very little time to get ready.


Your biker girlfriend can ride in case you can’t. Plus, she probably hates drama as much as you do and doesn’t require expensive gifts.


Finally, she’ll have that ‘bad girl’ vibe that you won’t be able to resist.

Other Benefits of Choosing a Female Motorcycle Rider

There are many benefits that you’ll notice right away. First and foremost, your friends will love her and probably be impressed by her.


As we said, your ex will also be jealous of how cool and tough your new girl is. She’ll show up wearing boots and leather pants, rocking that style regardless of whether it’s day or night.


Your girlfriend will probably know how to fix minor errors on motorcycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Illustration of a Lady Riding a Scooter in Dress

What’s the statistics of female motorcycle riders?

Nowadays, women make up 19% of motorcycle owners. Some ten years ago, only 10% of riders were girls.


However, younger generations took this to another level. Girls make up 26% of riders among Millennials, while 22% of women are riders among Gen X.


View more statistics here.

Who are some of the famous motorcycle riders?

The truth is that people don’t talk about female rides as much as they do about male bikers. Still, that doesn’t mean that girls aren’t around or that they’re less impressive than men.


Some of the most famous motorcycle riders are Maria Herrera, Ashley Fiolek, Beryl Swain, Veenu Paliwal, and Elena Myers.

Who are some female motorcycle racers?

Sadly, female racers don’t get the same attention as male racers. It’s unknown why that is the case, especially since there are many impressive women who were and still are successful at racing.


Beryl Swain, Katja Poensgen, Laia Sanz, Maria Costello MBE, and Jenny Tinmouth are only some of the most impressive names.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is all probably very new for you if you’ve never dated a woman who rides. Still, we hope to have made you realize why these women are so special and worth your while.


One thing to keep in mind is that all women are different. Each girl has her own qualities, which means that she may be a great girlfriend even if she doesn’t wear leather riding pants. 


Find yourself a good girl that’s into motorcycles as much as you are. Keep all the other aspects into account, but make sure to see her as an individual first.

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