Our In-Depth AGV Corsa R Helmet Ratings and Review for 2021

AGV is a well-known brand you probably came across during your biking experience. It has a wide range of different helmets that are suitable for various riding styles.

In 2017, the brand came out with brand new Pista GP R and Corsa R, which are still two of its most popular racing helmets. Though both are quite impressive, the AGV Corsa R we’ve reviewed is a bit more practical and suitable for everyday use.

This one is improved in more than one ways to deliver where the previous Corsa model was lacking. Continue reading to learn about its features and specifications as well as whether this is the right helmet for you.

You Might Love AGV Corsa R If...

  • Weather in your area is mostly hot – you probably know how hot the inside of a helmet can get. More so, if the weather is warm, it can become quite uncomfortable. AGV Corsa R has breathable interior padding and lining to help with staying cool in these conditions. Its Dry-comfort fabric has sanitizing treatment as well.
  • You want full-face coveragefull-face helmets are still the safest choice among all other models. These cover your entire face, leaving no area exposed. Corsa R keeps everything well protected with a durable outer shell and comfortable padding.
  • You’re looking for a premium helmet – this is a high-end model that comes with many unique features that enhance your safety and overall experience. It’s adjustable, made with strong and sturdy materials, and it isn’t too heavy either. It’s a versatile piece with impressive ventilation and aerodynamic shape.

You Might Not Like AGV Corsa R If...

  • You want a noise-free helmet – much like all models, this one produces a certain amount of road noise at high speeds. It’s nothing too bad, but you’ll notice the noise increasing along with speed. This tends to happen with all helmets, and though AVG did try to reduce it to a minimum, it might still bother you on the open road.
  • You’re looking to use it with one hand – as we mentioned, this one has impressive ventilation, but don’t expect to use it with just one hand, especially if you’re wearing gloves. The chin vents are nearly impossible to move when you’re riding with the helmet on. There’s a small hole in the curtain that makes it hard to get to the latch.
  • You want comfort right off the bat – comfort is always important, but you should note that this one requires some breaking in to. You might have your face squished for a while before the pads adjust to your head shape and become comfortable enough.

Design and Shape

Corsa R comes in several colorful, graphic designs as well as solid colors. The most popular choices are matte and glossy black options, which are the two most affordable as well. Those that are more graphic cost up to $200 more depending on the particular model.

This one is designed as an intermediate oval to fit such head shape with ease. Right away, you can notice the aerodynamic spoiler that’s a result of superior engineering. It’s made to enhance helmets performance against the wind at high speeds.

Also, the entire shape of the piece was designed, so it blends with the hump on a race suit. It improves its aerodynamic performance by quite a lot.

Though it’s an intermediate oval shape, do consider the time required to break in the helmet. The overall construction, as well as the interior padding, is somewhat stiff, and you might feel like it doesn’t fit your head shape.

Agv Corsa R Helmet Construction

Construction and Materials

This is a full-face helmet that covers your entire face along with chin and back of your neck. Its visor is removable, and you can lift it at your preference, but that’s the only maneuverable part of the model. As such, this one keeps your face and head tightly protected.

It’s made out of SSL composite fiber, aramid and carbon fiber. The SSL here stands for Super Super Light, which makes sense because it’s among the lightest helmets of its kind. Corsa weighs 4 pounds, so it’s not the lightest on the market. However, given the materials used and all the features it comes with, the weight is entirely justified here.

Its internal shape is designed to reduce the risk of impact on the collar bone. On the inside, Corsa R has Lycra micro-porous lining along with some Dry-comfort fabric. The materials are breathable and have a sanitizing treatment to your face.

Another thing that stands out is its reversible crown liner. It’s an innovative feature that adds quite a lot to the overall comfort of the helmet since it reduces fatigue and interior heat. One side of the liner is meant for colder weather, while the other is best for warmer weather.

The liner is fully adjustable with Velcro straps allowing you to lengthen or shorten it to your preference. Also, it has small pockets for some additional foam inserts if you must make even more adjustments.

On the strap, Corsa R has a double-d ring locking mechanism. It’s relatively easy to use though at times a bit tricky if you’re wearing gloves.


The Corsa features the same ventilation as Pista GP Carbon though some additional changes were made. This one has an Integrated Ventilation System, otherwise known as IVS with channels made directly in the shell construction.

It has a chin curtain allowing you to adjust the airflow and reduce heat inside the helmet. Its central and all other vents are also adjustable for optimal airflow.

Such fantastic ventilation reduces the overall fatigue and fogging within the shell. It’s especially suitable for warmer weather.


This one comes with an optical-class face shield that’s up to 5mm thick. It features a swivel mechanism along with a perfect seal to the shell. This allows you to maneuver the shield up or down when you don’t feel like taking off the helmet entirely.

Another thing worth mentioning is the dual-purpose face shield locking system. It’s a sturdy mechanism that reduces the chances of an accidental opening which can sometimes happen in high speeds.

On top of that, the helmet features the Max Vision Pinlock Insert Lens. It’s a useful addition to the mechanism though it takes some getting used to.

Agv Corsa R Front View

Safety Certifications and Features

Though Corsa R is made with tough materials and impressive padding, it’s not Snell certified. For some reason, the manufacturer only went for a certification from the Department of Transportation, which is only valid in the USA.

Still, this one has quite a few safety features. It comes with a release system making it easy to remove the cheek pads in case of an accident. Also, its entire internal shape is designed to reduce collar bone impact.

More on safety ratings.

Available Sizes

Corsa R comes in four shell sizes and just as many EPS sizes to choose from. For this reason, it’s equally as suitable for both men and women as long as it fits your head shape.

Keep in mind that its padding and the interior lining is quite adjustable, so you can customize the fit to some extent. However, you still need the helmet to fit perfectly because only then it can protect you.


AGV has been around for years and is among the most reliable brands on the market. If you’ve been looking for a new helmet, you probably came across one of its models at some point.

Corsa R is a definite improvement of the previous model, which shows the manufacturer noticed what the riders didn’t like about it.

This one is quite comfortable and suitable for long-distance rides. It has sufficient ventilation allowing you to ride in hot weather, but it’s also well-padded for those colder days.

If you’re looking for an intermediate oval racing helmet, you might want to consider this one as one of the best by AGV.

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