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Parent's Guide to Their Child Wanting a Motorcycle

Parents have an instinct to protect their children. This may make it a bit tricky to support your kid’s dream to ride a motorcycle.


Although it may initially sound horrible to hear your teen wanting to ride a motorcycle, riding can be exciting and very beneficial.


The main thing to focus on is always safety. You should talk to your kid, explaining how dangerous bikes can be.

Take a moment to read our parent’s guide to their children wanting a motorcycle. The information below can help both you and the kid to enjoy the process and experience.

Is Motorcycling Dangerous for Kids?

Motorcycling is equally as dangerous for teens as it is for adults. Bikers crash due to many different reasons and errors both adults and children can make equally as easily.


Much like adults, kids should wear protective gear, helmets, and riding equipment to protect themselves in case of possible accidents.


Bikers don’t have the protection that car drivers have. They’re often less visible than other drivers as well. However, none of this should be a reason not to ride.

Read top safety tips for new riders.

What Makes It Fun?

Motorcycling is among the most fun things for both adults and children. If your kids are interested in riding, they will think it’s the best thing ever, and you’ll hardly convince them otherwise.


Riding is fun and exciting. It delivers the real sense of rush and freedom, which is why adults choose to try it as well. Kids will find it equally as enjoyable for all the same reasons.

Benefits of Motorcycle Riding for Teens

Improves Focus

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Riding can teach your child to focus better. It’s an instinct that will kick in right after he/she puts that helmet on and starts riding.


An average attention span is 7 seconds for most kids. This is something you can help fix by letting your teen ride.

Enhances Discipline

Motorcycling is all about discipline as it can teach even the oldest adults some. Bikes require some attention, and looking after the vehicle involves discipline.


Your kid will have to clean the vehicle and learn how to fix certain things as he/she grows older.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Self-esteem grows when people do something they enjoy. It grows even more as they become good at that particular skill or job. People who ride motorcycles have increased self-value.


Riding may help your child if he/she is shy and quiet. It can help children to feel more confident, especially when around others.

It’s Leverage

If your kid is interested in riding a motorcycle, you can use that as leverage. You can use it to inspire the child to improve grades, keep the room clean, or do pretty much anything else you’ve been trying to make him/her do.

Improves Positive Emotions

Riding and enjoying the ride is bound to create positive emotions. Kids, much like adults, will feel happier and more excited after riding a motorcycle, especially if that’s something they’re very passionate about.


You’ll notice that your little one is always happy and excited when riding or even talking about it.

Develops Respect

Letting your child ride a motorcycle is among the best ways of teaching her/him of respect. These kids learn to respect the vehicles as well as the road.


If you think your child is a bit problematic and fails to show respect, a motorbike could help.

Improves Visualization

Riding a motorcycle can help your child to grow the subconscious mind. He/she will have to visualize things before achieving them. This goes from wanting a bike to completing certain tracks once you already get them the bike they wanted.

Great for Fitness

Biking is more than just sitting and steering. Your entire body moves as you handle the weight of the vehicle along with your weight.


The rougher the track, the more physically demanding it is. For this reason, those that ride dirt bikes can stay in shape.

It Brings Excitement

There’s rarely a thing more exciting than riding a motorbike. Plus, it’s that much more appealing to someone who’s wanted to ride for a while already.


We often mention how exciting riding a motorcycle is. Adults find it fun as well, so don’t be surprised to see them equally as excited as their kids.

Promotes Friendship

Your kid may meet new like-minded friends while riding. In most cases, motorcycling families stay friends for life because they know the values and respect that biking brings.


People who ride together have special relationships, relating to one another on a whole different level other people can’t understand.

Strengthens Parental and Familial Bond

This may be the best time for you to try riding as well. Even if you aren’t as interested, you may learn that you actually love it.


Motorcycling is a lot of fun when done with the family. It strengthens the relationship, helping to grow respect, love, and trust between all the people involved.

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How to Reduce the Risks of Motorcycling

Invest in Protective Gears

Protective gear is critical and should not be overlooked. It’s equally as important for adults as well, so make sure the entire family has helmets, gloves, jackets, boots, and other riding equipment.


Your child is unlikely to suffer a severe injury if he/she wears all the protective gear needed. Luckily, these items are popular.

Wear Proper Hand and Footwears

Motorcycle Hand and Footwear

Protective boots and gloves should be thick and heavy but still comfortable and easy to use. You don’t want this equipment to slow the kid down or bother him/her while riding.

Wear Proper Attire

Thick leather clothing can help to reduce scratching in case of an accident. Many people lose a lot of their skin when they fall and slide on the road. The best way to prevent this is by wearing riding attire.


Again, leather attire is popular, so you probably won’t struggle to persuade them.


A helmet can only protect if it’s actually on the head. For this reason, you should focus on educating the little one so that he/she knows how vital safety gear is. (More on helmet safety ratings here.)


You can always find an experienced rider to tell the child what could potentially happen if things aren’t done correctly.

Assess Your Child’s Skill Level

Think about whether or not your child can ride a motorcycle. As we mentioned, riding can be quite dangerous unless done carefully.


Consider the skills that your little one has and whether you think he/she can focus and stay focused on the road ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convince your parents to buy you a motorcycle?

The best way to do this is by making a strong point. Tell your parents that you want to ride and make sure also to tell them why you want it.


Show them that you’re aware of the dangers as well as the importance of safety equipment. However, be prepared for this persuasion not to work out the first time.

Is it safe?

It’s hard to tell if motorcycling is safe as it depends on your skills as well as other people on the road. However, you shouldn’t have a problem as long as you respect the law and other drivers.


Naturally, the entire process is much safer if you’re wearing safety gear, and you’re always focused on the ride.


If you don’t like the idea of your child riding a motorcycle, you should learn more about how this can help him/her. As we mentioned, many benefits can help your child in many aspects of life.


While you should consider all the safety measures and explain why they’re as important, we suggest you do your research on safety and preventative measures.


Educate your children and make sure they wear all the proactive gear. And remember that talking about it in an open conversation could be more beneficial than discovering they’ve been riding without permission.

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