6 Top Rated Harley Seats for Tall Riders Reviewed

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Your height can be a big issue when riding a Harley. If you’re tall, you could experience back pain after a few miles due to poor posture.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to such a complex issue. All you need is the top Harley seat for tall riders, and you’ll have more comfortable riders regardless of the distance.

However, choosing a seat if you’re tall can sometimes be trickier than one imagines. Take a few minutes to discover the best models and their pros and cons.

Below you’ll also find a detailed buyer’s guide with information that can help you pick one.

6 Highest Rated Harley Seats for Tall Riders

Danny Gray

small product image of Danny Gray
Danny Gray
Features: Adjustable, easy to install
Color: Black
Material: Full-grain leather
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Mustang Motorcycle Seats

small product image of Dupli Colorsmall product image of Mustang Motorcycle Seats
Mustang Motorcycle Seats
Features: Mounting hardware included, well built
Color: Black
Material: Durable and resistant materials
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small product image of TUINCYN
Features: Waterproof and durable, comfortable
Color: Black
Material: Synthetic Leather
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small product image of Tychemall
Features: Easy to install, durable and resistant
Color: Black
Material: Synthetic leather and soft foam
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small product image of HTTMT seat
Features: Resistant to rain and sun exposure
Color: Black
Material: Black vinyl
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small product image of Motorgogo
Features: Comfortable and lightweight
Color: Black
Material: Synthetic Leather
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Danny Gray – Solo Seat

This Danny Gray piece is among the best options if you’re looking for a solo seat to replace the one you have on your Harley. It’s designed to deliver both stability and control in various situations.

Danny Gray is suitable for all riding styles, heavy crosswinds, high-speed adventures, and turbulent situations. We should mention that it’s made in the USA if that’s something you care about.

It pushes down and forward, allowing you to customize how it fits. This is ideal for tall riders because it moves approximately two inches, which should be enough for people.

Its tip has a pronounced rise to lock you in the saddle. This helps to minimize loss of control and torso torque.

On top of that, the manufacturer offers optional million pads for separate purchase.



Mustang Motorcycle Seats – Ideal for Touring

This touring seat is meant to position you some 1.25’’ further back than the seat you received with your Harley. You can use it alone or pair it with the Mustang Motorcycle Seats passenger model for two-people riding.

You should keep in mind that this one comes with all the mounting hardware you need. It includes slotted mounting nuts, chrome washers, black nylon shoulder washers, and a mini fender bib.

You’ll need a few tools like screwdrivers and wrenches, but these are sadly not included in the package.

This one is compatible with many Harley Davidson motorcycles, but it’s always better to check compatibility with the manufacturer if you can’t find any precise information.

It’s a comfortable and smooth seat designed to make it easier for tall riders to enjoy touring.



TUINCYN – Universal

This one is pretty universal and makes for a good option if you’ve never bought a replacement seat for your Harley. It’s highly compatible and a good fit for most Harley bikes.

This one is made from synthetic leather, iron, foam, and plastic. It measures 28.35×14.96×5.12 inches and weighs nearly 5 pounds.

You should keep in mind that your motorcycle frame might require some modification before you can mount it. This one comes with three removable mounting brackets and six bolts and nuts.

Keep in mind that this is a cushion designed to make your rides more comfortable, giving you more legroom as you ride. It’s made of durable and resistant materials, and it’s also waterproof so that it doesn’t soak if you leave it in the rain.



Tychemall – Classic

This direct bolt-on fits Harley bikes with stock frame and rear fender. As always, you can check with the manufacturer if it will fit the particular motorcycle you have.

It’s made from automotive-grade vinyl along with molded flexible urethane. It’s durable, comfortable, and easy to install even if you don’t have as much experience.

It’s made from synthetic leather combined with soft foam for ultimate comfort, especially during long rides. However, this one doesn’t come with any instructions or mounting hardware.

It’s a two-up seat with a classic design, so it won’t look out of place when installed on your Harley. Its bottom is designed to fit comfortably and without damaging your paint.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there might be some color deviation.



HTTMT – Aftermarket

HTTMT is always a good choice if you’re looking for aftermarket products. And as you probably know, the brand offers more than just Harley seats for tall riders.

This one is designed to deliver comfort above anything else. However, it’s quality-made and built to last a long time with adequate use.

Although it’s easy to install, the company included no instructions on how you should do that. Still, you can probably contact their customer support for any questions on the process.

It’s made from black vinyl and will fit your Harley style quite easily. It doesn’t require any modification as long as you’re sure it’s compatible with your motorcycle.

This HTTMT is a full seat, but the company offers the same model made for solo riders. Both are highly resistant to weather and frequent use.



Motorgogo – Synthetic Leather

Motorgogo is worth your attention if you’re looking for a synthetic leather seat that fits Harley Sportster motorcycles. It can fit other Harley bikes as well, in which case it might require some modification.

It measures 13.8×10 inches in total, so make sure it fits your needs and preferences. Also, it’s lightweight and won’t any noticeable weight to your motorbike.

As we said, this one is made from synthetic leather and has a wrap sponge for some added comfort. The plate is made from durable plastic that’s resistant and unlikely to break.

All the materials included are resistant to UV rays, rain, snow, and other weather elements.

You should always check with the manufacturer to ensure that it will fit your Harley. Its size is universal, but it still doesn’t fit all Harley motorbikes.



image of leather seat on the harley

What Tall Riders Should Consider in Choosing a Harley Seat


The type of padding your seat has is one of the most important things you should focus on. In most cases, comfort depends on the quality of the stuffing, which is why this is critical.

You should consider several foam technologies and other types of padding. You’ll come across foam and gel padding as some of the most popular.

Harley seats are typically not as soft as those for other motorcycles. They have a more extended break-in period, so it will probably be quite tough for the first 100 miles.

Still, it should be comfortable regardless of the type of terrain and how long your ride is.

Seat Position

A seat positioned too high up can easily make you feel like you’re sitting on the tank. It pushes your position, making you feel the lack of space even more than usual.

Tall riders often feel hunched over the bars, which is why most people want to replace their original seats. You should look for one that pushes you slightly back for one or two inches.

Although this doesn’t sound like a lot, it will make all the difference when it comes to comfort. This is especially important for long-distance rides and frequent trips that usually leave you tired and worn out.

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Seat Height

Tall people usually don’t struggle to reach the ground with a flat foot. However, you probably have other issues like the lack of room of your legs.

If you’re tall, you probably know the struggle to bend your knees all the time. This is uncomfortable, especially in the case of long-distance rides.

What you want is a difference of a few inches. This way, you have more room for your legs and don’t have to keep the knees as bent.

Make sure that the seat doesn’t push you over the bars, putting too much pressure on your hands and wrists.

Solo & Passenger Seats

As you probably noticed, many companies offer both solo and passenger seats. Choosing between the two depends on your needs and preference.

You probably don’t need a place for a passenger if you never have a passenger in the back. In this case, you’re good to go with a solo piece.

Still, we suggest you check both solo and passenger seats because you never know when you’ll like to bring someone on a ride. Original passenger models are equally as uncomfortable as solo ones, so it’s always good to replace both of them.


Comfort depends on many things, such as the position as well as the padding. Even the best model with the most comfortable foam is uncomfortable if placed in a weird position that doesn’t fit you.

Make sure to consider your height when choosing a seat and the position to place it in. Also, think about the foam/gel padding and whether it’s comfortable enough.

In most cases, you can find more about the overall comfort of the seat you like by reading the customer reviews. Previous customers always talk about how comfortable the piece is after a period.


Durability depends on several factors, as well. You should always check the quality of materials and manufacturing to find out how durable the product is.

Look for one made from steel, durable plastic, foam, and leather. You can also go for synthetic leather if you’re not a fan of the real thing.

The quality of materials plays a significant role here. Go for a reliable brand with plenty of years of experience and customers who speak of its quality.

Again, you can read customer reviews to learn more about the durability of the seat you like.

image of tall rider


Choosing between several styles depends on your style and preference. Harley seats typically have that distinctive look that makes them easy to fit most Harley Davidson motorcycles.

However, some are quite different than others, meaning that they don’t fit every bike in terms of style. For this reason, think about how the one you like will look on your motorcycle.

For example, modern Harleys don’t look so good with old-school seats and vice versa. So, just because the model will fit doesn’t mean that it will look good.

However, it’s up to you to choose using your best judgment.


As always, you want to focus on the comfort and support the seat provides. The two factors typically depend on the built-quality, padding, and construction.

Harley seats for tall riders are different than those made for other people. These are somewhat more supportive, especially in the lumbar part.

It should be comfortable but firm so that it can support your body weight. You want it to relieve the pressure and pain caused by an uncomfortable position regardless of how frequently you ride and for how long.

A model that’s too soft or weirdly shaped usually doesn’t provide any support and is rather uncomfortable.

Importance of Seat Height

Tall people using original Harley seats usually know the struggle and discomfort that these provide. You probably have way too little room for your legs, which causes you to bend your knees into an awkward position.

Staying in this position for a prolonged period causes pain and strain in different parts of your body. In most cases, you’ll feel discomfort in the area of your lower back and knees.

This is precisely why height is as essential for tall Harley Davidson riders. A difference of just a few inches makes all the difference, allowing more room for your legs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Saddlemen seat for big riders?

Saddlemen is a popular brand that makes seats for both tall and short riders. Its Road Sofa, Dominator, and Step-up models are among the most recommended for big riders that need more leg space.

Saddlemen Dominator is a good option to consider if you want one with backrest. It’s comfortable, easy to install, and durable.

What is the Harley Davidson seat fitment guide?

Most seats fit nearly every Harley Davidson motorbike, although we suggest you check fitment before making any purchase.

The models we reviewed fit Street Glide, Electra Glide, Road King, and Road Glide. Some also fit Dyna, Softail, Tri Glide/Trike, and Sportster.


Hopefully, we helped you find the top Harley seat for tall riders. The models we reviewed are the best that the market has to offer at this moment. These brands are popular, reliable, and have years of experience.

You’ll see how a difference of only a few inches makes all the difference. One of these can make your ride far more comfortable than the original one you received with your motorbike.

Still, make sure to consider all the pros and cons and the buying factors we mentioned. Think about your needs and preferences, personal style, and the type that would look the best on your Harley.

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