8 Top Rated Highway Pegs for Your Honda Goldwing

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Have you ever been on a long-distance trip or you’re planning to go soon? If so, you should carefully consider comfort and convenience for those few hours you’ll be traveling.

Possibly, the most important things that can make a difference are highway pegs for your Honda Goldwing.

Highway pegs present an additional location for your feet. It’s meant to provide some more comfort when you’re driving across long distances.

However, choosing a pair takes some time and experience. We’ve reviewed the best models and included a little buyer’s guide to help you find pegs for your bike in far less time.

8 Highest Rated Highway Pegs for Honda Gold Wing


small product image of XKH VTX1300
Features: For short and tall people, 360° adjustable
Material: Durable aluminum construction
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small product image of Kuryakyn 4056
Features: Easy installation, adjustable
Material: Chrome
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small product image of SMT
Features: Adjustable, for all riders
Material: Aluminum
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small product image of LIUYE
Features: Rustproof, anti-slip surface
Material: Aluminum alloy
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small product image of HTTMT
Features: High-quality construction, attractive design
Material: Aluminum and rubber
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small product image of XKMT-MOTORPARTS
Features: Wide compatibility, comfortable for all riders
Material: Aluminum and rubber
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XKH-MOTO Eagle Hawk

small product image of XKH-MOTO
XKH-MOTO Eagle Hawk
Features: 30mm thick, non-slippery
Material: Aluminum and rubber
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small product image of SMT-MOTO Skull
Features: Wide compatibility, installation hardware included
Material: Aluminum and rubber
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XKH-MOTO – Easy Installation

XKH-MOTO pegs measure approximately 4-3/8’’x2-3/4’’ in total while weighing 3.86 pounds. Although they don’t come with any instruction, they’re relatively easy to install with a few tools and without as much experience.

These allow you to change your foot position, which adds to the overall comfort when you’re riding across long distances. It makes it easy to relieve your legs, making the entire experience more comfortable.

Both pegs are 360° adjustable, allowing you to rotate and lock them in various positions. This makes XKH-MOTO suitable for both tall and short riders.

They’re made of aluminum and rubber. The chrome finish gives it a shiny color, making your bike stand out. Still, the finish might show some scratches after a while.

The package comes with a black-plated mount, an arm, installation hardware, and a pair of footpegs.



Kuryakyn – Adjustable

Kuryakyn is a versatile option for all motorcycle riders. These pegs, in particular, are highly adjustable, sturdy, and easy to install.

You get a sturdy two-piece clamp assembly for easier installation. You don’t need much experience or many tools to put these together. All you need is a socket set with a ratchet and a set of hex wrenches.

The best thing is that these are designed for excellent cornering clearance. On top of that, they help with comfort when you ride across long distances.

The package includes two chrome 6’’ arms, a set of dually ISO pegs, right Ergo II mount, and left Ergo II mount. You also get a hardware kit so that you can install the pegs right when they arrive.

One thing to keep in mind is that this model is made specifically for shorter riders.



SMT-MOTO – Wide Compatibility

Although these might look a bit basic, they’re highly compatible with a wide range of motorcycles. The black-plated clamp stays on the engine guard while the arm locks the peg in position for more secure performance.

Having these pegs allows you to change your foot position while riding across long distances. It makes it easy to stretch your legs a bit after hours of riding.

Another thing worth noting is the 360° adjustability. Each peg can be rotated and locked in various positions, which makes SMT-MOTO suitable for both tall and short riders.

Keep in mind that these are made of aluminum. They’re made to last a long time without showing any signs of wear and tear.

The package also includes a chrome-plated mount, installation hardware, and an arm. No instructions are included.



LIUYE – Universal

This is a universal pair, which is why it’s often the first choice of many riders. The pegs are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and are durable, sturdy, and strong.

These are suitable for Honda Gold Wing, Yamaha, and other off-road motorcycles. They’re easy to install and use regardless of the bike you have.

The pair provides a comfortable spot for you to relieve foot fatigue while on a long trip. This makes your riders more comfortable and less tiring.

Also, the anti-slip surface allows you to ride in wet weather. It prevents your feet from slipping off the pedals even when it’s raining.

As we said, these are easy to install thanks to the universal fit mounting hole that measures 8mm. They’re built to last a long time even with regular and rough use.



HTTMT – Compatible With Harley

HTTMT is a good choice if you have a Harley Davidson. The pedals are made of high-quality billet aluminum and rubber that provide durability, strength, and ease of use.

These have a unique and attractive design that will make your bike stand out. It’s a nice combination of black and silver, featuring a skull design to match the rest of your Harley equipment.

The foot pegs measure 130x5mm, so make sure they’ll fit your bike. Also, they’re 30mm thick, which should be a good fit for most people.

Keep in mind that these don’t come with any installation instructions. Although they’re relatively simple to install, you might want to check some online tutorials.

Although the style fits Harley motorcycles the most, these are suitable for Honda Gold Wing, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Triumph bikes.




These pedals are among the largest on the market. They’re ideal for all kinds of riders, especially those who are somewhat taller.

The pegs are made of billet aluminum and rubber. They’re non-slippery and easy to use regardless of how long your trip is.

They provide an additional place for you to rest your legs and relieve some of the foot fatigue that appears during long-distance trips.

Each pedal measures 4-3/8×2-3/4 inches. They weigh 3.74 pounds and are relatively easy to install, although no instructions are included. You can always check some online tutorials if you don’t have as much experience.

These fit any motorbike with 1’’ engine guard or frame tube. They’re ideal for Honda Gold Wing, although they also fit Harley, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, and other motorcycles.



XKH-MOTO Eagle Hawk – High Quality

XKH-MOTO pedals are a good choice if you ride a Honda Gold Wing, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki. These are made of high-quality billet aluminum combined with rubber to provide maximum comfort, durability, and ease of use.

The aluminum parts are shiny and resistant to scratches. They make your bike stand out, adding some style to the rest of your equipment.

On the other hand, rubber points are included to increase anti-slip qualities. This makes the pedals ideal for all weather conditions.

Keep in mind that these don’t come with any instructions. This might be an issue for people who don’t have as much experience in installing foot pegs.

However, many online tutorials can help you if you’re uncertain of your skills.

Also, both pieces feature a unique eagle design.



SMT-MOTO Skull – No Installation Instruction

Much like most food pedals for Honda Goldwing, these don’t come with any instructions. It’s because they’re simple and easy to install without as much experience and only a few tools.

The best thing about these pegs is that they come with all the hardware you could need. Everything is included in the package so that you can install them as soon as they arrive.

These have a 10mm mounting hole and measure approximately 5.5 inches over length. They’re 2 inches wide and pretty universal, depending on how big your feet are.

They’re made of billet aluminum and rubber for some added durability and anti-slippery qualities. This means you can easily use them in any weather.

Keep in mind that the pair is somewhat adjustable, which means you can use it for Honda Gold Wind but also Harley Davidson, and other motorbikes.



What to Consider in Buying a Goldwing Highway Peg


Many people have a different opinion on where you should position your highway pegs. However, you should always consider your needs and preferences.

There is no such thing as proper placement since it usually depends on what you find the most comfortable.

In most cases, the motorcycle type, your height, as well as the style of pegs, influence the position. One thing that you should do is avoid keeping your legs completely straightened.


The style you’ll go for depends on your style and preference. Highway pegs come in all shapes and sizes, and there are even a few colors you can choose from.

The market offers a wide range of options, making it easy for everyone to find a pair that matches their style.

You should think about the look of your bike, equipment, and accessories you have. Having a pair of pegs that match the rest of your accessories will make the entire motorbike stand out.

image of motorcycle honda

Passenger’s Height

You may have noticed that some pedals are more suitable for shorter or taller riders. Your height should determine the position of the pegs. Luckily, some are more versatile and can work for all riders.

Taller riders should position the pegs further away. This is because most of these people have longer legs, which is why they need more space to stretch them a bit.

Others might need extenders to put the pegs in front of the crash bar. This makes it easier to reach the pegs.


The primary role of highway pegs is to provide some added comfort and relief for your legs. This is especially important if you’re going on a long-distance trip.

It presents an additional place for you to put your feet because keeping them in the same position is usually uncomfortable. Again, the matter is even worse if you’re riding for hours at a time.

Having reliable pedals on your Gold Wing increases your comfort regardless of where you’re going.

Fitting and Compatibility

If you have a Honda Gold Wing, it’s always best to buy pegs that are specially made for this particular bike. However, although this is recommended, it’s not necessary because some quality models are rather versatile.

In other words, you can easily find a pair that fits Gold Wing as well as several other motorbikes. You’ve probably noticed from our reviews that some pedals are also suitable for other bikes.

Still, make sure to double-check if the pair you’re interested in is a good fit for your motorbike.


You should always have a pre-set budget in mind so that you can focus on finding what fits within that price range.

This way, you can save some time since you won’t be looking at pegs that are too pricey for you. Luckily, most models are quite affordable.

Still, there are expensive models. These are usually very stylish, durable, and come with instructions on how to install them.

What Are They?

Motorcycle pegs are quite popular among Honda, Harley, and Triumph riders. It’s an additional piece of chrome that you can install to increase your comfort when riding across long distances.

It’s meant to serve as an additional place for you to rest your feet. As you know, keeping your feet in the same position for hours can be quite uncomfortable.

A reliable set of pegs allows you to change your position a few times during the trip. Still, some people like having extra pedals just for how they look.

image of motorcycle pegs

Types of Pegs


Floorboard mounted pedals are possibly the most budget-friendly. These are typically bolted onto the outer edge of your floorboard. They also fold up and down.

However, you should keep in mind that these will reduce the lean angle of your motorbike due to their positioning. This means you might experience the bike dragging earlier when turning.

Also, these will cause your legs to spread wide. Some styles, however, are meant to be installed on the bottom of the floorboard.

Highway Bar Mounted

Highway bar-mounted style is the most popular among all riders, including those riding a Honda Gold Wing.

It’s the circular bar that extends away from the bike at the front of the motor. Police motorbikes usually have this style due to several reasons.

Most commonly, these are popular because they can flip up and down. Also, when flipped, the pegs keep the motorbike from falling over. It’s an ideal thing to have when practicing drills.

Frame Mounted

Fame mounted pegs are a good choice if you don’t have a radiator on your motorcycle. These are meant to be mounted on the down tubes in the front of the motor.

The best thing about these is that they have an adjustable height. This means you can find any position that suits you the best, depending on how tall you are.

It’s often the first choice for people who can’t install highway bar-mounted pegs.

Parts of a Highway Peg


The peg or pedal is the surface where your feet rest. It’s typically large enough to accommodate your foot comfortably.

In most cases, these are made of aluminum, although they’re almost always covered in some rubber. Rubber makes them non-slippery and more comfortable to use for hours on end.


The arm is a piece that attaches to the clamp to help with positioning. It’s usually included with the pegs, though you’ll have to choose between several different styles.

A long arm is for placing the peg further away from where it’s attached. An off-set arm has a larger bend, allowing you to set the pedal near the attachment point.

Why You Should Use One For Your Goldwing...

Although highway pegs can make a big difference, many people don’t use them for Gold Wing. Still, you should use them if you’re often riding across long distances.

Going on a long trip can be a bit tiring, especially if you have to keep your legs in the same position at all times.

Having the option of changing the position of your feet a few times during the trip can be very beneficial. It can increase your blood flow and make the entire ride much more comfortable.

How to Install Highway Pegs for Your Goldwing?

As you probably noticed, many models come with no instructions on how to install them. This can be tricky for beginners who have never installed pegs on any bike.

Luckily, most are simple to install and come with all the required hardware. Take some time to separate the hardware and gather all the tools you’ll need. In most cases, you’ll need a socket set with a ratchet and a set of hex wrenches.

There are many informative videos online on how to install all styles and types.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are highway pegs safe?

Highway pegs are highly safe as they help to increase your comfort during long-distance rides. However, they can be extremely dangerous if not installed correctly.

A poorly installed peg can slip during use, which can even cause you to fall off the bike.

Are foot pegs universal?

Although most are made for a specific model or brand, some are quite versatile. Still, it’s always better to go for a pair that specially made for your motorcycle regardless of whether it’s a Honda Goldwing or any other.

Some that are suitable for Goldwing can also be mounted on other motorbikes.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you find the best pair for your Honda. Feel free to reread the article if you still haven’t made up your mind because the information we shared can help you make the right decision.

These are the best that the market has to offer, coming from the most reliable brands. It’s up to you to choose a pair based on your height, bike model, and general preference.

Choose between the few types, and make sure to consider your budget as well. This way, you can easily find the best pedals among the ones we reviewed.

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