6 Top Rated Levers for Motorcycles

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Are you looking to replace the original motorcycle levers you received with your bike? People often do for aesthetic reasons, although aftermarket levers have quite a few benefits as well.

These come in all styles and colors, making it easy to find the pair that fits your style the best. Some are specifically made to match certain bikes, while others are more universal.

Choosing the right pair is relatively simple once you consider all the crucial buying factors. For this reason, continue reading as we discuss the greatest motorcycle levers and how to choose the right ones.

6 Highest Rated Motorcycle Levers Reviewed


small product image of Kuryakyn 1722
Features: Interchangeable medallions included, comfortable finger grooves
Vehicle Service Type: Cruiser/Touring
Color: Chrome, Gloss Black
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small product image of Anzio 2x
Features: Smooth edges, comfortable
Vehicle Service Type: Harley Davidson
Color: Chrome
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small product image of MZS short brake
Features: Anodized treatment finish, non-slippery
Vehicle Service Type: Street Bike
Color: Black, Gold, Blue, Red
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small product image of Nawenson
Features: Durable, fits hydraulic and clutch brakes
Vehicle Service Type: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia
Color: Red, Gold, Blue, Silver, Black, Titanium
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small product image of SMT-MOTO
Features: Easy installation, unique skull detail
Vehicle Service Type: Honda
Color: Chrome, Carbon, Black
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small product image of RIDE IT
Features: Several color choices, easy fitment
Vehicle Service Type: Honda
Color: Gold, Silver
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Kuryakyn – Comfortable Contours

Kuryakyn levers have ergonomic finger grooves that make them among the most comfortable models on the market. These contours provide a better grip, making them ideal for people who ride often.

The best things about these are the interchangeable medallions. These add a more customized touch, matching the rest of your style and equipment.

These are easy to install, but you might want to consider having a professional help you with the process. You need quite a few tools like combination wrenches, hex wrenches, and snap ring pliers.

Another thing worth noting is that these are compatible with hydraulic clutch Harley models. They’re comfortable to use regardless of how big your hand is.



Anzio – Ideal for Harley

Anzio levers are an ideal choice if you’re looking to modify the way your Harley looks. These fit nearly every Harley Davidson and are easy to install and remove at any time.

The most important thing we should mention is that they’re made of high-quality billet aluminum. Both pieces are wide enough to be comfortable even during long-distance rides with and without riding gloves.

The edges are smooth, which makes these even more comfortable and easy to use. They won’t cut into your skin even if you ride for hours at the time.

Although these fit most Harley Davidson bikes, they don’t fit models with hydraulic clutch. It’s probably not a good idea to mount them on VRSC and Police models either.

These are easy to install using your existing pivot.



MZS – Ideal for Honda

MZS is one of the best choices for Honda motorcycles. It fits most models, but make sure to double-check whether or not it would work on the particular motorbike you have.

These are easy to install, even if you don’t have any experience. The manufacturer included detailed instructions so that you can easily mount these in no time.

The most important thing to mention is that these are made of chrome steel precision-sealed bearings. They feature bushing parts and a stainless steel pivot, along with chrome silicon cantilever springs.

On top of that, the fasteners are made of aerospace-grade stainless steel for some added durability.

Another thing worth noting is their adjustability. These have an adjusting set screw allowing you to achieve the best fit and brake or clutch response.



Nawenson – Universal

Nawenson may be your best choice if you’re replacing your original levers for the first time. It’s a universal model that fits nearly all motorcycles. Plus, you can always check with the manufacturer to see if it fits your bike.

These come in a variety of colors like red, green, silver, golden, blue, black, orange, and gray. They’re made of stainless steel and have a casted aluminum housing and piston.

The choice of materials makes these quite durable and resistant. They’re unlikely to show any signs of corrosion even if you leave your bike in the rain often.

Another thing worth noting is that these are fully adjustable. This makes them as versatile and universal, allowing you to fit them to match your needs perfectly.

Also, the precision-machined pivot is designed and made to ensure the best fit.



SMT-MOTO – Easy Installation

This is another great option if you’re replacing the original levers for the first time. You don’t need any particular experience to install these.

You can install them using your existing pivot as the brass sleeve slides out easily. Still, keep in mind that these don’t come with any instructions. For this reason, you may want to consider having a professional install these for you.

SMT-MOTO models are durable and quality-made. These are made of billet aluminum and are unlikely to show signs of rust and corrosion anytime soon.

One of the things that make these unique is the skull detail at the end. It adds to the overall style of your bike and the rest of the equipment.

Although they fit a wide range of motorcycles, they’re still the best fit for Honda bikes.



RIDE IT – Perfect Fitment

These are an easy fit and don’t require any modification. However, professional installation is recommended, especially if you don’t have any previous experience.

The vital thing to mention is its build quality. These are machined from CNC 6061 T6 aluminum, having a precision machined pivot to ensure the best fit.

Plus, the 6-position adjustment allows you to fit the lever reach so that it’s the most comfortable for you. This means it fits on all kinds of motorcycles, although it’s the easiest to install on Honda bikes.

Another excellent thing about these is that they come in multiple colors. This makes it easy to find the one that fits your overall style and equipment the best.

These are made of reliable and sturdy material, offering longevity and durability even with frequent and rough use.



What to Consider in Buying Sportsbike Levers


Finding the right type is essential if you want the levers to fit properly. It’s always important to consider the type and model of your motorcycle so that you can find a product that fits the best.

In most cases, you’re best off going for adjustable models. These usually come with a setscrew that makes it easy to adjust the fitment.

You may also come across universal models that fit all kinds of motorbikes. These usually need some customization but are generally easy to use.


The weight of the lever is another critical thing you should consider. It’s because smaller hands usually have less gripping power than large hands.

Riders with smaller hands should opt for levers that weigh less. This is a critical factor to keep in mind because you could end up with a product that you can’t use unless you consider this carefully.

Keep in mind that all models feel differently when you wear riding gloves as well.


Size is always important when looking for new levers. You want them to fit you, which is why you should pay special attention to the overall size.

Make sure to check the circumference of the lever to figure out whether or not it will fit you. As we mentioned, you may want to go for smaller ones if you have small hands. You can go for a greater circumference if you have bigger hands.


Everything on your motorcycle should fit you properly so that you can ride comfortably and safely. For this reason, make sure that the levers fit you just as well.

A lever that doesn’t fit you well could cause a sore neck and even back and shoulder pain. It could lead to tingling and numbness in your wrists and fingers.

Although this may not sound like a big issue, it will eventually make you feel very uncomfortable.

Hand Reach

The hand reach is another critical thing to consider when looking for a proper fitting model. It’s the span between the first knuckle of your fingers and the base of your thumb.

Some levers are adjustable, allowing you to set the hand reach so that it fits you the best. These are typically ergonomically designed and a bit more expensive.

Models that aren’t adjustable usually require some manual modification, which isn’t always the simplest.


Once you have the size and fitment figured out, you should pay attention to how durable the levers are. As you know, riding is sometimes rough and usually involves some risk of a crush. For this reason, it’s important to go for a durable pair.

The best materials to go for are stainless steel and aluminum. Other options exist, but these two are usually the best choice when it comes to durability.

Ease of Installation

Levers are typically easy to install since the process doesn’t require much skill or tools. However, you may want to consider professional installation if you’ve never done this before. This is just to ensure that they’re properly installed and safe to use.

Many models are simple to install and don’t require any professional assistance. Still, make sure that they come with instructions if you’re looking to install them on your own.

Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Motorcycle Levers


  • Adjustable

Aftermarket motorcycle levers are usually pretty adjustable. This allows you to set them up so that you can get the best and most comfortable position.

Original levers found on most motorcycles aren’t adjustable. This means that they either fit you or they don’t.

Aftermarket models offer more versatility and greater adjustment than stock levers do.

  • Comfortable

You’ll probably find short models much more comfortable if you only use a couple of fingers for brake or clutch. As we said, stock models aren’t as adjustable, and with that, they’re not as comfortable either.

If you’re wearing gloves while riding, you probably know the struggle of having your end fingers trapped between the throttle grip and the back of the lever.

  • Stylish

Aftermarket models are more stylish than stock ones. They come in many different colors and feature interesting details like skulls.

This can be a nice touch, adding to the overall style of your motorcycle and riding equipment. However, keep in mind that the pair you choose should first be comfortable.

The right color choice can bring the whole bike to life, adding a touch of color or blending with the rest of the vehicle.

  • Doesn’t Snap

This is one of the most standout benefits since most of these are made of durable materials. They’re made to last a long time and can handle rough use.

Pay attention to the material used, but also how well designed the pair is. You want the lever that’s easy to use and can perform well on your motorcycle.


  • Less Leverage

This is a potential drawback as it depends on your riding style. You may have heard that short levers are more likely to give you less leverage.

While this isn’t wrong thinking, it might not affect you at all. If you only use two fingers to brake, it really doesn’t matter whether you have a short or long lever.

How to Install Break and Cluth Levers

You’ll need a 10mm wrench or socket along with a large flathead screwdriver.

Remove the screw that holds the lever t the perch. Remove the lever carefully so that you don’t damage the brake switch.

Fit the dowel into the brake lever before fitting the switch prong into the dowel. Replace the screw and nut, following the manual you received.

Remove the 10mm nut from the clutch and loosen the cable. Remove the cable and the brass bushing. Grab the new lever and replace the cable and the bushing into the pivot point. Reinstall the screw and nut before adjusting the clutch cable tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are shorty levers better?

This really depends on your riding style and what type of motorcycle you ride. Most bikers who race prefer to have short levers.

Short ones aren’t recommended to people riding a cruiser or touring bikes. Using short levers in stop and go traffic could be too tiring.

What are adjustable motorcycle levers?

As we mentioned, these are highly versatile and easy to use. An adjustable model allows you to set the distance between the handle and the lever.

This is the best way to find the best fitting pair. It’s a great choice if you don’t know which type or size would fit you most comfortably.

Are motorcycle levers universal?

Motorcycle levers aren’t universal, but many models fit many bikes. This means that a single pair could potentially fit a wide range of different motorbikes.

However, you should always check if the pair you’re interested in will fit your bike. If the information isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer.


Having the right pair of levers can make all the difference in how comfortable your ride is. This is especially important if you often ride across long distances.

As we said, the best way to choose is to first consider your riding style and the bike you have. This way, you can figure out the type that fits your needs and preferences the best.

Replace the stock levers if you’re looking to achieve more comfort. You can use this to improve the look of your bike as well, thanks to the many styles and colors available.

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