5 Top Rated Disc Locks for Motorcycles Reviewed for 2021

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Motorcycle theft is a serious issue you want to protect yourself from. It’s a horrible thing to have your bike stolen as you may never get it back.

For this reason, you should consider protecting your motorbike with an appropriate lock. Luckily, the market offers plenty of different models, allowing you to choose on your needs and preferences.

Disc locks are probably the most popular type, together with U-locks and heavy-duty chains. However, unlike U-locks and chains, these are lightweight and easy to carry around, but also highly safe.

Take a moment to discover the top motorcycle disc locks and how to choose one using the information from our buyer’s guide.

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Our 5 Highest Rated Motorcycle Disc Locks


small product image of Kryptonite 000884
Additional features: Dual reinforced high security disc style cylinder
Material: Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant material
Product Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches 4.4 x 3.9 x 2 inches
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Additional features: Loud sound, it comes with two keys
Material: Metal
Product Dimensions: 4.4 x 3.9 x 2 inches
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product image of MYSBIKER
Additional features: Long life use, automatically activate upon sensing any vibration or shock
Material: Stainless steel
Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5 x 3.1 inches
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small product image of Tchipie
Additional features: Easy to lock, it’s suitable for a wide variety of motorcycles and bicycles
Material: Alloy aluminium body
Product Dimensions: 4.3 x 3.4 x 2.8 inches
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small product image of XENA
Additional features: Highly durable construction, 120db sound
Material: Steel
Product Dimensions: 3.3 x 2.3 x 1 inches
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Kryptonite – Weatherproof

Kryptonite is a dual-reinforced high-security disc-style cylinder. It’s compact, weatherproof, and lightweight, allowing you to use it at all times regardless of the weather.

Its 5mm pin diameter fits smaller vent holes and is quite easy to use. It comes with two ergonomically designed stainless steel keys that reduce the amount of torque. Their strength prevents them from breaking or bending.

This stapler style lock provides some additional safety, allowing you to leave your bike parked outside. However, it’s important to note that it comes with an orange reminder cable which helps you notice that the system is in place. It prevents you from riding away while the disc is engaged.

It weighs only a bit over a pound, so you probably won’t have any issues carrying it around in your backpack or bag.



YOHOOLYO – Waterproof

This one is made entirely out of metal, which makes it highly durable and resistant. Another important thing to note is that this is an alarm, sporting a sound that reaches up to 110db in case someone tampers with your bike.

The locking pin measures 7mm, allowing you to set and fix the alarm in any position. Two keys are included in the package so that you have a backup copy as well.

It’s suitable for motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and pretty much any other vehicle with spokes on its wheels. It has a motion sensor with a 5-sec delay that sets the alarm off whenever there are vibration and shock.

Also, this one is resistant to impact, rust, and water, so you can even use it in the rain and snow.



MYSBIKER – Long Life Use

Mysbiker is also an alarm and disc lock combined into one product. It features a 110-decibel alarm that automatically activates when it senses vibration and shock. As such, it keeps your vehicle safe at all times.

It comes with a 6’ reminder cable that attaches to the clutch or brake lever and the lock disc. This serves to remind you that the system is engaged so that you don’t ride away before removing it. Riding away while the bike is locked might result in permanent damage.

This one is quite simple to use, providing one-press operation. It goes into the alarm mode as soon as you lock it into place, but make sure to wait for the “beep” sound.

It’s made with forged stainless steel, featuring a 14mm double-locking hardened steel locking pin.



Tchipie – Anti-Theft

Tchipie is another product with built-in sensors that detect movement and shock. It protects your bike, featuring an alarm system that should scare the thief away.

It’s quite easy to use thanks to its one-press operation system. The lock goes into alarm mode as soon as you close it, sporting a “beep” sound. It also has a triple warning “beep” before it triggers the alarm.

It fits most motorcycles and vehicles with disc brakes. It has an alloy aluminum body that’s sealed against moisture, dirt, and dust. Plus, it’s important to note that the siren comes with a pre-installed battery.

It also comes with six extra batteries and an Allen key for you to change the batteries as needed. The bright red color will act as a deterrent, and it also serves as a reminder to you.



XENA – Stainless

This might be the best choice if you’re looking for resistance and durability. It’s a high-grade mono-block alloy construction that makes Xena as effective in protecting your motorcycle.

It’s suitable for pretty much every small motorcycle and scooter with the brake disc. The stainless steel construction and a 6mm hardened steel locking pin are highly durable and resistant. Plus, the combination offers resistance against freeze-spray and picking activities.

It has shock and motion sensors that work together to blast a 120db sound. The entire system is powered by a CR2 lithium battery that will last you a long time.

Keep in mind that this one doesn’t have an on/off option. It shuts off on its own after fifteen seconds of blasting the loud sound.



Shopper's Guide for Motorbike Disc Locks

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is a handy feature that helps prevent motorcycle theft. These sensors detect weird motions and trigger the alarm, which usually deters a thief.

Not every model has a motion sensor, so make sure to double-check if it’s what you’re interested in. It’s a handy thing to have for some added security.

Alarm Sound

Most models come with an alarm system that’s usually between 100db and 130db. The alarm is triggered by whatever sensor that the lock has.

In most cases, it’s either a motion or vibration sensor that triggers the siren. Its performance ranges depending on the manufacturer, so you can find those that have a warning sound and those that don’t.

Reminder Cable

A disc lock is supposed to prevent a thief from riding away on your motorcycle. However, these devices are typically quite small and not in a visible place. For this reason, riders often forget that the system is engaged before trying to ride away on their bikes.

For this reason, it’s important to look for a model that comes with a reminder cable. It’s a long cable that’s usually bright orange, red or yellow, and serves to remind you that the alarm is in place.

It should remind you to remove it before riding away in order to prevent an accident such as potential damage and even injury. A disc lock is designed to prevent the bike from moving, so trying to move with it in place might result in damage.

However severe the issue, some models don’t have this piece of equipment included. Even if your product of choice doesn’t come with a reminder cable, we suggest that you buy one separately.

Look for a bright one that’s difficult to ignore regardless of the weather and conditions. It should also be long enough for you to use with ease if you have several other vehicles.

image of alarm lock with orange cable

Durable and Reusable to Other Vehicles

Durability and usability are the two critical factors you want to have in mind, as well. Your product of choice should be durable and resistant, but make sure to think whether you’ll use it on other motorcycles too.

Look for a model that’s versatile and usable enough to secure different types of motorbikes. It’s a handy feature to consider, especially if you have two different vehicles.

Make sure that it’s easy to use, install, and remove so that you don’t have to spend ten minutes engaging and disengaging the system each day. It should be easy to use by anyone who’s using the bike.

Luckily, many models are quite versatile and can fit onto different motorcycles, choppers, scooters, sport bikes, racing bikes, and bicycles. In most cases, it’s important that its pin diameter fits different vent hole sizes.

When it comes to durability, you should consider the quality of materials and construction. Make sure that the lock feels sturdy and well-made. You want one that’s resistant to shock, vibration, rust, and picking so that your motorcycle is always protected.

Design, Material, and Style

As you probably noticed, disc locks look somewhat the same. There’s a general design that all manufacturers follow, although you may find some pieces more different than others.

Some have different systems, lowering the chance of someone stealing your bike. For this reason, you should look for the best system that’s made of lightweight materials.

However, even though your lock should be lightweight, make sure that it’s well-made and built to last. It should be sturdy, but easy to carry around during regular rides.

Look for the one that’s hardened and can endure cutting, sawing as well as chisel attacks. Thieves can be very persistent when they have enough time, so make sure that your lock can prevent them from getting to your bike.

Some models have a metal finish while others feature bright color paintwork for better visibility. Choosing between the two is up to you. However, bright colors can sometimes deter a thief from even trying to mess with your motorcycle.

As we said, most models look similar when it comes to the general design. Still, dual locks are also an option if you’re interested in improving the overall protection of your vehicle.


When it comes to budget, it’s important that you figure out the price you’re comfortable with. These devices aren’t typically expensive, so it’s relatively simple to find one at a reasonable price.

Still, prices range depending on many factors, such as features and durability of the materials. For example, a model with an alarm system is inevitably going to be more expensive than the one without. Stainless steel and aluminum alloy are usually the most expensive choices when compared to others, but even those come at fair prices.

Plus, some brands are more expensive than others.

What is a Disc Lock?

A disc lock has a pin that passes through the brake disc, securing it with a lock and key. Some people call these wheel locks because they prevent the wheel from moving in either direction.

It’s among the most reliable motorcycle safety systems that are currently on the market. Riders usually opt for this type of system because it’s easy to use and carry around. It’s also hard to break and might come with an alarm.

Having a disc lock can save you some money on insurance. Many companies offer a discount if you use an approved model on your motorcycle.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Disc Lock for Your Bike

One of the most significant reasons why you should use a disc lock is to prevent theft. Leaving your bike parked outside is rather dangerous unless you have a reliable system to secure the vehicle with.

By securing the vehicle with a disc lock, you ensure that nobody can ride away with it. It acts as a deterrent as most thieves don’t want to mess with this type of lock.

Keep in mind that some motorbikes are more likely to be stolen than others. Sportbikes are by far the most attractive to thieves, so there’s a risk at all times. These motorbikes are usually stolen and sold off as parts, so make sure to have a reliable lock.

image of unsecured vehicle

On top of that, some brands are also more popular than others. Thieves usually target Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and Kawasaki.

You should also think about the area you live in and where you park your motorcycle. Is it a dangerous area with a high theft rate? If so, you definitely want to invest in a durable disc lock. California, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina have the highest theft rates.

Finally, some insurance companies reduce the premium if you have an approved disc lock.

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Simple Tips on How to Use

  • Immobilize Your Bike

A disc lock is a great choice if you want to immobilize your motorcycle. It’s ideal for when there’s no structure that you could attach the bike to.

By immobilizing the motorbike, you prevent it from rolling down or being stolen. We explained how the mechanism works, so it’s pretty simple to understand how the system protects the vehicle.

You can easily carry this one around so that it’s always within hands reach for when you need it. Most models are lightweight and easy to use, as well.

However, a simple model without an alarm system might not always be enough. It’s a great deterrent, but a persistent thief might get to it with the right tools and some time.

  • Locking with Other Bikes Together

Locking in groups is a great way of protecting each motorbike involved. It’s highly unlikely that any thief would want to tamper with six motorcycles locked together, which makes this quite safe and secure.

For this, you’ll need a chain lock to attach your bike with another few. These chains are usually large enough and relatively easy to use. You might also want to include a disc lock for some added safety, depending on a motorbike you have and the area where you’re parked.

  • Locking Your Bike on a Structure

Locking your motorcycle on a structure is another highly secure way of parking the vehicle. It makes it incredibly difficult for a thief to lift your motorcycle and put it at the back of a van.

Make sure to lock it through its frame instead of just through the front wheel. It’s known that some thieves can just remove the front wheel and leave with the rest of your motorcycle. Again, consider getting a disc lock as well for some added safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can disc locks be placed in handlebars?

Disc locks are meant to be used on the brakes of your motorcycle. As such, these aren’t supposed to go on your handlebars.

However, most models come with reminder cables that you can attach to your handlebars or brake lever. It’s supposed to remind you that the disc lock is in place so that you don’t ride away with your motorcycle.

Placing it in handlebars might not be the best idea. If you’re unsure about how to use the lock, make sure to read the instructions it came with.

Is an alarm type better?

As we mentioned, disc safety systems come with and without alarms. Choosing between the two types is up to you and your preference, but make sure to consider the area where you live.

Having an alarm system adds a bit to the overall security of the device. It’s usually packed with sensors that trigger the alarm as soon as there are vibration and weird movements. It might be a better choice if you’re looking to leave your bike outside for a few hours.

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At this point, you probably understand the importance of having a reliable safety system. Anything that can help your bike stay protected is enough to make a difference, but sometimes, you might need a bit more.

Consider getting a motorcycle disc lock regardless of where you live. It lowers the chance of having your bike stolen, which would be a nuisance regardless of the vehicle you ride.

If you haven’t already picked a lock, make sure to think about the important buying factors we discussed when choosing one of the models we reviewed above.

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