Motorcycle Paint Jobs Costs for Custom and DIY Options

Does your motorcycle look like it’s in dire need of a new paint job? Have you been asking how much a professional option would cost?


If the bike needs it, you probably asked several professionals on how much it costs to paint a motorcycle. The truth is that the price varies on many factors such as the type of bike, detailing you want, etc.


Another option is to do it yourself if you have some experience and confidence. The entire process isn’t as complicated if a few rules and steps are followed.


Continue reading to find out more about how to give your bike a makeover and how much it might cost.

Regular Paint Jobs

In most cases, regular paint jobs cost around $300 to $1500. It’s a significant difference, but as always, the price depends on several factors.


How much sanding does the bike require? This is an essential factor that might affect the overall price the most. Painting takes the least time and effort, so if the bike has to be treated before it can be painted, the process might cost you that much more.

Sanding requires manual work and takes lots of time, which is why it’s usually a bit pricey. So, the cost almost always increases with more preparation the bike requires before the actual paint job.

To try and decrease the overall price of a regular job, you might want to start some preparation before you take the bike to a professional. Though other factors impact the pricing, doing some of the preparation might save you a few hundred dollars.


If you’re wanting to decrease the numbers, even more, you might want to consider removing the tank and fairings of your bike. These parts are usually the ones needing a new paint job the most, so it might be a good idea only to have those painted. Still, make sure only to do this if you know how to detach and reinstall these parts back again.


You should bring front and rear fenders, tanks and the side panels to your mechanic if you’re doing the prep yourself. This will save you some money, and you can save even more by bringing the parts separately.

Sanding Old Motorcycle Paint

Custom Paint Jobs

Custom jobs are far more expensive than regular ones. Furthermore, if you’re restoring the paint, it might cost you that much more.


Another thing to keep in mind is that it might be hard to haggle down the price of a customized job. The process is usually detailed and precise, so it takes time. Plus, not many people do customs anyway, which makes those that do quite pricey.


Painting a motorcycle on your own would probably cost you around $100, if not less. However, it means you’ll be doing all the work by yourself, including the dirty work called sanding.


Knowing how to sand and detail your bike is crucial in the quest to dodge paying a professional. Though you probably don’t need as much experience, some is advised. Still, even you’re an amateur, you’ll probably be able to do quite a decent job.


All you need is the right tools and some general knowledge about paint and motorcycle parts. Since it’s a DIY project, all you need money for is actual paint and several tools to help you with the process.


The best part is that you can do this at your convenience and at any time that works for you. Also, once you do it a few times, you can maybe even offer part-time services.


Among the most critical things to consider is the design and colors you want to use. For example, decals might cost you more than a regular DIY job. The exact type of bike, as well as the products you’re using, are the two main factors deciding the overall cost in this case.

Blue Red and Yellow Paint Tins and Brushes

In other words, high-end paint is probably the most durable and efficient option, but keep in mind it’s perhaps most expensive as well.


The painting itself might not be as tricky, but sanding definitely requires an experienced hand. Doing it wrong could cause damage to the surface of your bike that you won’t be able to repair as easily. You should be careful with this step.


Even if you decide to do this yourself, don’t be shy to ask for professional help if stuck in the process. If you see that it’s more challenging than you thought or you simply lack the confidence you had when you started, take the bike to a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are choppers and Harley Davidson's more expensive?

Harley Davidson and chopper bikes are usually the most expensive ones to get painted regardless of whether it’s a regular or customized paint job. These high-end bikes require high-end paint, which is just one of the things affecting price in this case.


Painting a motorcycle has always been a costly investment, more so if you want a customized pattern or color.


However, these prices always range depending on your vehicle, how much preparation it requires, which products you’ll use, and even the person doing the job. Some professionals are more expensive than others for several reasons or none at all.


For this reason, you can also consider making a DIY project out of this. Still, think about your own experience and the risk of not doing such a good job. Whatever you do, make sure to think it through before opting for what’s best for your bike and your budget.

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