The Best Motorcycle Helmets Under $300 – Updated for 2021

A quality helmet is an essential piece in your biking equipment though you don’t have to spend big bucks on it.

The market is packed with different modes that range in price which can sometimes be a bit over the top. Although having a helmet is a law in many countries, people still put off buying one.

What if we told you that good models don’t always have to be as expensive? We’ve researched the market to find some of the greatest motorcycle helmets under $300.

Continue reading to learn all about these and make sure to stick around to read the buyer’s guide for some additional help with choosing the right model.

6 Top-Rated Motorcycle Helmets Below $300

Small product image of BELL QUALIFIER DXL BLACKOUT
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Lightweight polycarbonate shell
  • Color: Blackout matte black
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Small product image of LS2 UNISEX motorcycle helmet
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Kinetic polymer alloy
  • Color: Several colors
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Small product image of BELL RS2
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Lightweight fiberglass
  • Color: Solid matte black
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Small product image of SEDICI STRADA bike helmet
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Color: Gloss black
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Small product image of LS2 ARROW CARBON
  • Type: Full face
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Color: Several colors
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Small product image of LS2 CARBON
  • Type: Open face
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Color: Black
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Bell Qualifier DXL Blackout

Bell is a well-known brand in the industry so you can rest assured their products are reliable and secure. The Qualifier DXL Blackout is among the most popular models under $300.

It’s durable but lightweight with a polycarbonate/ABS shell that accommodates a few models of Bluetooth stereo headsets.

On the inside, it has moisture-wicking removable padding. It also comes with some contoured cheek pads for more comfort. The aerodynamic profile reduces lifting and buffeting during rides.

The quick-release shield changes allow fast and straightforward operating. Precisely, it’s the NutraFog II superior anti-fog shield that’s also resistant to scratching and UV rays. It features a padded chin strap with reliable D-ring.

It’s also approved by the Department of Transportation having met their FMVSS 218 standard.



LS2 Unisex

As its name implies, this one is suitable for both women and men. It’s attractive and comes in several colors and sizes.

This one features a unique Twin Shield system that allows simple operation of the sunshield. It works with a cable slider to provide smooth and reliable sun protection.

Its chin bar flips 180° which allows you to go between an open-face or full-face style with ease. On top of that, this one is quite comfortable and suitable for long-hour rides.

It features removable and washable padding on the inside. The hypoallergenic material is breathable and doesn’t absorb any odors.

The versatility it provides is what makes it as popular. Still, it’s also one of the most comfortable and secure models on the market. Its lightweight yet durable shell is made using Kinetic Polymer Alloy to provide just the right ratio of flexibility and sturdiness.



Bell RS2

If you’re looking for a more classic look, you should definitely check out the Bell RS2. This one features classic lines, and it comes in black that looks sleek and elegant.

The shell is made of lightweight fiberglass with X-Static and XT-2Padding on the inside. It’s a comfortable padding material that’s also quite breathable and suitable for both warm and cold weather.

This one features drop-down sunshield you can maneuver with according to your needs and preferences. Its shape allows you to wear glasses as well.

What makes the RS2 unique is the fact that it has a 3-shell construction. This way, the brand achieved better durability and sturdiness. It’s also scratch resistant and approved by the Department of Transportation having met their FMVSS 218 Standard.




Though it costs less than $300, this one doesn’t lack quality and strength. It’s lightweight and suitable for long-hour adventures on and off-road.

With its fiberglass and Kevlar construction, this one is quite strong. Its endurance and strength didn’t come at a price of weight, so you won’t feel any pressure wearing this product.

The drop-down inner sunshield is easy to use and ideal for people who don’t like wearing sunglasses. The quick-release outer face shield is made of polycarbonate to be scratch-resistant and anti-fog.

For airflow, the Strada has surface mounted chin and crown vents. The aerodynamic exhaust enhances the airflow even more so you always have fresh and cool air within the helmet.

The inside is padded with antibacterial multi-density liner that’s removable and washable. It has a 5mm adjustable fitting for a more customizable experience.



LS2 Arrow Carbon

LS2 is known for their more affordable models, so it’s no surprise some of the models are on our list. The Arrow Carbon is a lightweight helmet with an aerodynamic pure carbon fiber shell. It’s comfortable and ideal for long hour rides with less fatigue.

This one has a tall eye port that gives you a better sight of what’s in front and around you. It also features emergency quick-release cheek pads. These are cut from one piece of foam with the brand’s 3D Laser Cut Technology. The entire construction provides more comfort and safety.

The optically correct 3mm thick race shield has tear-off posts while all the interior padding is hypoallergenic. It comes in many sizes and colors and exceeds DOT and ECE Moto GP standards.



LS2 Carbon Open Face

If you’re looking for an oval fit, you might want to consider the LS2 Carbon Open Face. It’s a unique-looking helmet with an attractive design and strong construction.

It’s made from LS2’s wide weave pure carbon fiber. The choice of material is vital since it resulted in a durable, strong yet flexible piece that’s suitable for long-hour rides.

The open-face ¾ design shell protects your head as it fits quite snuggly. Plus, such design also provides a wide field of visibility.

The Twin Shield Drop Down System protects your eyes from the sun and harmful UV rays. It’s removable and replaceable allowing you to use it when and if you want.

On the inside, this one features thick padding for superior support and comfort. It’s also important to mention that the Carbon Open Face meets DOT and ECE standards.



Buyer’s Guide

What You Can Expect At This Price Point

Though $300 is still a significant sum, it’s not even near to how much helmets can cost as some go as far as costing a few thousand. So, of course, there’s a difference between how they perform.

At the price point of $300, you can and should expect the product to be durable and protective. It might not be as comfortable, or it might lack a few features such as air vents.

Or, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, check out our Under $100 guide.

Shell Materials

Polycarbonate is the cheapest option although it absorbs impact force quite well.

Fiberglass Composite is a bit more expensive than polycarbonate. It flexes, but it might split on high impact. 

Carbon Fiber is the most expensive option as it’s also the strongest. Those made of carbon fiber distribute the impact force all over the shell.

Helmet Type

Helmets come in different shapes and forms (see all types here). Though the market has many styles to offer, we differentiate them between full face, open face, modular and half. Here’s what you should know about them:

  • Full Face

These cover your entire face. They are usually sturdy and might be a bit heavy. If you’re looking for a full face model, make sure to opt for the one with enough air vents. It’s a closed design, and unless there’s a proper airflow system, the helmet will fog and become quite warm.

  • Open Face

Open-face helmets provide enough protection but aren’t as closed as full-face ones. They usually don’t have any visors either, so your entire face is completely exposed. You can pair them with your favorite goggles in order to protect the eyes from sun and insects.

  • Modular

Modular helmet is a hybrid between full- and half-face helmets. It gives you an option to choose what areas of your face you want to cover and when. They’re pretty convenient as they protect your face when you’re riding, but allow you a bit more comfort when you stop for gas, for example.

Modular helmet vs. full face guide here.

  • Half

These, as their name implies, cover only half of your face. Interestingly, some cover the bottom half while others cover the upper half. You can choose between many styles depending on what you feel the most comfortable with. They sometimes have visors you can lift at your convenience.

Safety Features

Your helmet should provide safety regardless of the price. Look for the one made of durable materials that can withstand certain impact force. Consider other safety features such as a chin strap and its release system. Removable cheek pads are also a great safety feature.

Learn more about safety ratings.


Look for the one that has thick and comfortable interior padding as well as a padded chin strap. Make sure that the filling is removable and washable so you can fresh it up from time to time.

Another thing crucial for comfort is the overall fit. For this reason, go for the one that fits the shape of your head and applies equal pressure in all areas.


Many people often think it’s hard to find the best solution under $300. However, technology has progressed, and we now have many materials to choose from. This allows the manufacturers to make models at different price points.

Although it’s a bit more affordable, such helmet should still be resistant and durable. You want it to fulfill its purpose and protect you at high impact.

We’ve reviewed some of the best models under $300 that you can’t go wrong with if you keep in mind the important safety features and your own needs and preferences.

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