How To Use Your Motorcycle Stand Properly – Updated for 2021

Does your motorcycle have a stand? If so, what kind of stand does it have? If you don’t have one, but you’re looking to buy it, you might be surprised to know that there is more than just one type.

You can get a side, rear or front depending on your preferences and what’s easier for you to use. Though they all have the same purpose of holding the bike upright when it’s parked, different types are more suitable for different situations and circumstances (like transporting your ride).

Continue reading as we talk about each type, who is it for and how to install it properly.

Different Types of Stands


Go to the left of your bike and hold the left handlebar. Straighten the front wheel and put your foot on the stand tang. Push down until you feel that the stand touched the ground.

Check if both feet of the stand are now touching the ground. Use your right hand to grip the frame or handle under the saddle. Move closer to the bike but don’t lean over or away from it. Now straighten that leg that’s on the tang and lock your knee. Pull the bike with your right arm at the same time and it should pop into place.


You need to apply the front brake first and get off the bike on the left side. Keep it in an upright position and push the side stand with your foot.

Allow your bike to lean towards you but be gentle with it. You need to do this slowly so you’re sure that you can support its weight before you transfer it to stand.

All that’s left is to turn the front wheel to the left and release the brake. Use your left foot to push the stand into its starting position before you mount on the bike.

Back Wheel

To use the back wheel stand to support the bike in a vertical position. Place it to the back of the bike and make sure its clips are at the spools. You can also place them under the swingarm if you’re using one.

Once it’s securely into place, press down on the handle and lift the motorcycle. When you do that, your bike should be well-supported and elevated. It should be secure allowing you easy access to remove the wheel. 

It’s not recommended you move the vehicle while on the stand although some do allow a bit of pushing around.

motorcycle wheel on the wheel chock

Front Wheel

Once you got the rear stand into place, you can now place one on your front wheel. This one is a bit easier to use and gives you solid access to change the wheel or install tire warmers. 

Place it in the center of the wheel and position small rubber swivels under the forks. It’s crucial that the lower swivel is under the center so the fork doesn’t slip off to the front once you apply pressure.

Slowly press the handle and lift the front so your bike is slightly off the ground. 

How to Install a Rear Stand

This should always be the most important for you in order to prevent the motorcycle from falling over. There are a few ways to do this but the most common is by using the little spools in the two sides of the swingarm.

If you have the spools, place the rear stand below them to lift the bike up. If you don’t have them, place it below the swingarm. Secure the rear by supporting the bike vertically. Once you’ve done that, position the stand on the back of the bike so that it’s under the spools or the underside of the swingarm.

parts of the motorcycle stand

Safety Considerations

It’s important to make sure the stands are up and locked before you decide to get back on the bike. Driving with a stand not retracted can be extremely dangerous. Also, make sure to secure your vehicle with the rear stand before you use the front one.

Some bike manufacturers came up with features that help prevent these situations from happening. As a result, certain motors won’t run when the stand is down. 


A motorcycle stand can be of great help in many cases when you want to park your bike. Of course, you’re not always around to hold your vehicle which is why you want some help to support and maintain it upright.

As you can see, there are several different types to choose from depending on what you need. Keep safety on your mind at all times and be patient when setting up each of these.

Practice at home and on a lighter bike if you have a chance. This way, you can get used to how your stand works allowing you to use it quickly and with ease.

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