3 Top Rated Cargo Nets for Motorcycles Reviewed

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Although motorcycles are ideal for both commuting and long-distance riding, they have a significant disadvantage when compared to cars, and that is the lack of cargo space.

You could also pack some bags onto your bike or even carry a backpack, but that’s usually quite uncomfortable. Plus, it’s not the greatest solution if you have lots of stuff to carry.

In most cases, the preferred solution is to invest in a quality motorcycle cargo net. A cargo net is often the most convenient way of storing stuff on your bike regardless of how much of it you have.

Stay tuned as we review the best products and help you pick one.

3 Highest Rated Bike Cargo Netting Reviews


small product image of Coleman net
Features: Non-scratch hooks, durable and stretchy
Dimension: 14.75 to 25 square inches
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small product image of Moto-Gate
Features: Easy on and off, stretchy materials
Dimension: 17×54 inches
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small product image of BELL net
Features: Vinyl-coated hooks, stretchy
Dimension: 22×22 inches
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Coleman – Great Craftsmanship

This high-quality bungee cargo net has fine details and is meant to last a long time. It’s ideal for tying down bags, jackets, books, helmets, and pretty much anything else equally as bulky.

It’s ideal for long-distance riding as it allows you to pack many bags and stuff, holding it all together with durable, non-scratch hooks.

It measures 14.75 square inches and can stretch to 25 square inches, making it easy to store some of your bulkiest stuff.

As we said, the hooks won’t scratch your bike or leave any marks on your paint finish. Plus, they’re resistant to corrosion, which means you can use the net in variable weather. (See more rain gear here.)

It features elastic bands that allow the net to stretch. This makes it ideal for when you’re going on vacation.



Moto-Gate – Nylon

This Moto-Gate net is made of nylon and is often among the most popular choices for long-distance traveling.

It measures 17×54 inches in total, providing between 10’’ to 39’’ of adjustability on each side. This makes it one of the most convenient and useful nets on the market.

Plus, the fact that it can stretch as much allows you to store all kinds of cargo. You can pack lots of stuff for your vacation or simply use it for commuting.

This one is often used for more than just motorcycles. It’s suitable for vans, trucks, and SUV’s as it eliminates cargo shifting.

Another thing worth noting is its ease of use. This one is easy to put on and take off using the non-marring hooks it comes with.



BELL – Non-marring Hooks

This one is designed to provide an external trunk for motorcycles and ATVs. It’s ideal for carrying all kinds of stuff regardless of whether you’re going on a long-distance trip or you’re just commuting around town.

It has non-marring hooks, so you don’t have to worry about them damaging your paint job. The hooks are vinyl-coated and won’t scratch or show any signs of damage to the vehicle.

This durable polypro netting stretches to a size of 22×22 inches in total. It allows you to place it over your luggage if you want to secure the cargo a bit more. You can also use it to carry extra helmets and jackets.

It’s a durable net that lasts a long time, even if exposed to rain and sun frequently. It’s suitable for variable weather and different motorbikes.



What to Look for When Buying a Luggage Net

Type of Material

You should always double-check what material your net is made from. Most nets are made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester. It’s a durable material and suitable for everyday use.

Nearly all synthetic fabrics are stretchable, durable, and resistant to wear and tear. Some are even waterproof and resistant to UV rays, which makes them more suitable for variable weather.

Also, make sure to check what the hooks are made from. Metal is usually the best option because plastic tends to break and can be damaged by excessive sun exposure.


A good motorcycle net should be stretchy so that you can use it over a wide load regardless of the shape.

Non-stretchy models aren’t as easy to work with, nor are they as versatile. You’ll find a non-stretchy net challenging to use with all cargo shapes.

For this reason, you should consider going for a more elastic product. These are usually ideal for use with different cargo shapes and sizes.

However, make sure that the net of your choice can retract to its original shape once you remove it from the bike.


As you probably noticed, these come in all sizes and shapes. Still, you should always think about your needs and preferences before deciding on size.

You can go for a universal net or something more customized for your motorcycle. For example, some are made specifically for Harley Davidson bikes, while others can work on all vehicles.

Measure your luggage rack and think about the size of your cargo as well. This way, you can figure out what net size would work the best for your needs.

Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose because it would be challenging to use.

Ease of Installation

You should always go for a net that has pre-installed hooks and tie-down straps. Having to attach these by yourself is time-consuming and inconvenient, especially when generic models already exist.

Most nets are ready for use, so there’s no reason why you should waste your time screwing or drilling things into your luggage rack.

Look for a product that’s easy to put on and remove using nothing but hooks and tie-down straps. These take a few minutes to set up and equally as long to take off along with your cargo.

Type of Cargo

You should also think about the type of cargo when selecting the best net to use. What’s the shape of your luggage, and how big is it?

This factor is essential to consider because you want your net to fit the particular cargo you’re working with.

Also, keep in mind that your stuff will be exposed to rain, sun, and other weather elements. For this reason, you should only carry items that can handle these conditions. However, you can also use a waterproof material under the net to protect your stuff.

Benefits of Owning a Cargo Net


Motorcycle cargo nets are easy to use and work with regardless of the type of luggage or motorcycle you have. Most are relatively stretchy and adjustable, which allows you to set them up any way you want.

Most people choose these nets because they’re user-friendly and easy to use in any situation. Nearly every quality model is made of durable materials, allowing you to use it for a long time and in different weather.

Plus, some are even more versatile, allowing you to adjust the size according to the luggage you’re carrying at the time.

Keeps Your Cargo Secured

As we said, motorcycles typically have issues with cargo and storage space. This makes it tricky to carry a lot of stuff on your bike, especially when going on vacation or another long-distance trip.

A quality motorcycle net allows you to secure the luggage you’re carrying so that it doesn’t slide or fall off the bike while you’re riding.

This is particularly important if you’re going over rough terrain. A durable and robust net would keep your stuff securely in place regardless of how bumpy the road is.


These nets are designed and manufactured to handle rough use across different terrain. For this reason, you don’t have to worry it could break or go loose.

However, this is only the case with quality-made nets. Poorly designed products aren’t as durable and might not perform as well.

Durability usually depends on the type of material, but also the overall quality of manufacturing. For this reason, check what the net and its hooks are made from.

Most are sturdy enough to handle all kinds of riding styles, cargo sizes, road conditions, and weather elements.


As you noticed, most nets are adjustable and stretchy. This means you can carry both small and big luggage without needing two different nets.

These are typically made of durable materials that can withstand being stretched and retracted to their original shape all the time.

Still, make sure to check the maximum stretching size so that you’re sure it fits your needs. This is especially important if your cargo is on a larger side.

Manufacturers usually list this type of information somewhere in the product description. If not, you can find more about it by reading customer reports.


One of the best things about a motorcycle cargo net is that it’s transparent. This allows you to keep an eye on your cargo at all times.

It’s a great way of ensuring that your stuff is secure and in place without removing the net or any of the items.

However, this is precisely why a motorcycle net can’t protect your stuff from the rain or snow. Although the net itself can be water-resistant, it’s transparent, so it can’t keep the rain out. In this instance, you might prefer to use saddlebags or even a waterproof tank bag.

How Much Does it Cost?

Motorcycle nets are fairly affordable, although you’ll definitely come across more expensive models. In most cases, the price depends on the brand, type of material, as well as the overall number of features, elasticity, and a few other factors.

Affordable products are typically smaller and have basic hooks, straps, or laces. The hooks are usually made of plastic that’s heavy-duty and unlikely to break. Although these are durable, they’re not very stretchy.

On the other hand, those that are more expensive are more suitable for bulkier cargo. They can stretch to three times the original size. Plus, the hooks are usually made of metal, which allows them to handle a heavier load.

How to Install a Net

The best thing about a motorcycle cargo net is its versatility and ease of use. These are meant to secure your cargo in several different ways.

In other words, there are no rules as to how you should attach the net to your bike. Use its hooks and tie-down straps to secure it in place to whatever secure part of your bike.

Place your cargo on the motorbike and hook one side of the net under your seat, for example. Stretch it over the luggage and hook the remaining hooks to the opposite side of the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reshape the hooks?

You may be able to reshape the hooks, but it’s nonetheless something you shouldn’t do. Bending the metal over and over again would cause it to weaken.

As a result, your hooks might snap rather quickly, regardless of how old your net is. For this reason, it’s not recommended to reshape the hooks.

Do I need a mounted rack to use it?

As we said, you can secure the net to pretty much anything on your motorcycle that’s secure enough. So, having a mounted rack helps because it’s a rather stable and secure part.

Still, you don’t necessarily need it because there are other parts and components to which you can attach a motorcycle net equally as easily.

Are small cargo nets recommended for motorcycles?

A small cargo net is equally as good as a big one if the particular size fits your needs. In other words, no net is better than others solely for its size.

Both big and small models are good and recommended if it’s what fits the cargo type and size you’re working with.

How to make a motorcycle cargo net?

You need two posts to tie your rope so that you can make the net. Once you tie both ends of your rope to these posts, you want to tie more rope vertically. The space between vertical rope depends on the size of the holes you want.

Take two of the strands and tie them into a knot. Tie that to the strand next to it and do the same with all the others.


Having a great motorcycle cargo net makes all the difference when traveling and commuting. For this reason, you should only consider quality-made and reliable products that can last a long time securing your luggage in different weather.

Hopefully, our buyer’s guide helped you pick one of the models we reviewed. If you’re still struggling to make up your mind, we suggest you consider each factor again.

These are the best nets that the market has to offer, so we’re sure that at least one fits your needs. Still, make sure to think about the important buying factors as well as your needs and preferences.

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