Our AFX FX-90 Helmet Ratings and Review for 2021

A reliable helmet is a must-have when it comes to riding a motorcycle. Safety is crucial and should not be overlooked, so you should pay special attention to what helmet you’ll choose.

Still, the market is packed with different models, so choosing just one isn’t always the simplest thing. If you’re struggling with your choices, you should consider the AFX FX-90 helmet.

The FX-90 is an entry-level helmet in the AFX 2011 series. It’s a comfortable model with excellent ventilation and safety standards.

Stay tuned as we discuss all about the FX-90 and what makes it a good choice.

You Might Love AFX FX-90 If...

  • You want a versatile helmet – though this is primarily a motorcycle helmet, you can also use it on a snowmobile. When you use a dual-lens or dual-lens electric shield, you achieve better visibility and added safety required.
  • You like colorful options – helmets are often black or white, but this one comes in several color options. You can also choose between several colorful designs filled with different logos and symbols. This gives you an opportunity to choose between solid colors and vivid designs depending on your overall style.
  • You want a lightweight model – FX-90 is known for its weight and feel. Although it’s a full-face model, you won’t feel trapped inside it since it feels so lightweight and comfortable. Weighing at around 3 pounds, it’s unlikely you’ll ever feel uncomfortable even if you ride for hours.

You Might Not Like AFX FX-90 If...

  • You’re looking for a quiet design – this one is somewhat average when it comes to controlling the noise levels. Its vents do whistle at certain angles and when you’re at a higher speed. Keep in mind that this is somewhat normal and that the head shape of the rider can affect the noise levels in several ways.
  • You want to use it with gloves on – the first thing you’ll notice is its tricky way of removing the face shield. The process isn’t complicated as much, but if you try to do it with riding helmets on, you’ll definitely struggle.
  • You struggle to find sizes – though this one comes in several sizes, finding one that fits tends to be a bit tricky. A lot depends on your head shape and how well you measure yourself, but in most cases, the sizes run small. For this reason, you might want to consider going a size up.

Design and Shape

The FX-90 comes in a wide variety of solid colors and a vast array of graphics. This is something the brand is known for, so they didn’t disappoint this time either.

Not only you can choose between several graphic patterns, but you can also choose between several colors for each of that graphic pattern. The options are nearly limitless, so choosing just one might take you some time.

The overall shape is quite aerodynamic and shaped to deliver the least amount of wind resistance. Due to such a design, there’s almost no drag. You might experience some during highest speeds.

If you have a rounded head, it might fit you better than people with an oval-shaped head. It fits a rounded head better than an oval one even if both are the same sizes. Since a lot depends on the shape of your head, you should measure it well before deciding for a size.

image of AFX FX-90 design

Construction and Materials

This is a full-face helmet that covers your entire face. It has a visor you can lift in certain situations, which allows you more convenience and comfort. Still, you should always keep it down when riding.

The FX-90 has an aerodynamic shell that’s made of advanced composite poly-alloy. It’s durable and resistant, so it probably won’t show any signs of wear and tear any time soon.

It’s lined and padded with nylon that’s anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic. Still, it’s important to note that both liner and cheek pads are removable and washable. All you need is warm water and mild soap to wash these, but make sure to let them dry before using them again.

The helmet is painted with durable colors that aren’t as easy to scratch or damage. Of course, it might show scratches after a crash, but regular, everyday use shouldn’t damage it.

Also, the overall construction is quite durable and isn’t affected by weather conditions. It also features a clear coat finish that protects the paint and graphics. For this reason, feel free to use the helmet in rainy, snowy and sunny weather.


One of the best things about this model is its impressive ventilation. It has seven points of ventilation, allowing constant airflow for more comfort, especially during hot days. This also helps with reducing fatigue and fogging of the visor and shield.

Its upper and lower vents work a bit differently than on previous AFX models. The seven vents are located at the chin, side, forehead, and rear of the helmet.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have exhaust vents in the upper rear. It has two small ones at the lower back.


This model has a side-coverless shield that’s optically correct. It’s compound-curved and resistant, so it doesn’t get damaged as easily. On top of that, the shield protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Optional tinted shields are available for separate purchase. Plus, if you have the FX-100 helmet, you can use the same shields on the two models.

The shield lifts, allowing you to have a breath of fresh air without taking the helmet off each time. It can even stay up like that, but make sure to have it down when you’re riding.

image of AFX FX-90 full face shield

Safety Certifications and Features

For safety, the manufacturer provided thick padding and durable construction. It has a square type D-ring and a chin strap holder for some added protection.

This one is certified by the Department of Transportation of the United States of America. It passed the DOT’s FMVSS 218 safety standards.

It’s the only certification it has, so if you’re looking to ride in Europe, you’ll maybe need another helmet.

Available Sizes

The FX-90 is available in a wide range of sizes going from XS to XXL. As we mentioned, the sizes run a bit small, so you might have to go a size up depending on your measurements.


At this point, you can probably tell why the AFX FX-90 is a popular choice among beginners and entry-level riders. Not only it’s quality-made, but it’s versatile and easy to use in different weather.

The only issue is in the sizing, so you’ll have to pay attention to the size you go for. If you find yourself struggling to decide, you can contact the manufacturer for help.

It’s a lightweight model that’s not too noisy or difficult to use. Though the many colors and patterns available tend to make a choice a bit tricky, you’ll enjoy its comfort and safety whatever design you go for.

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